A Brief Look at the Game Transfer Phenomena

blog post - A Brief Look at the Game Trasnfer Phenomena

For so many years, many researchers were curious about what they call the Game Transfer Phenomena. It has been a hot topic for many since the 2000s. Currently, more researches show that because of the pandemic, more people are resorting to online games, in effect, increasing the causes of Game Transfer Phenomena.

What Is Game Transfer Phenomena

Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) refers to the habit of a person not knowing the difference between the gaming world and the real world and even tying their thoughts and perceptions to the games that they are playing.

According to researchers at Nottingham Trent University, GTP episodes usually come into play after a game session of the player. Some of the signs are hearing the sounds and music from the game or even seeing some of the scenes from the game in the real world. An excellent example of this would be a virtual reality gamer who visualizes the characters from the game while living in the real world.

The primary research of the GTP study was held at Nottingham Trent University, where the researchers observed GTP subjects closely and noted their activities throughout the day. According to the lead Psychologist, Angelica Ortiz De Gortari, there are many instances where people can hear game music, and it can sometimes be like hearing a typical song/music in your head even after playing it. The worst scenarios are when the gamers try to sleep and suddenly hear the game music and thought that they left their game still on.

Effects of Real-World Structures

Some of the research subjects revealed to Gortari that they often see structures from the games they play in the real world. Those structures then remind them of the sounds and the scenes on the game on their head. Another subject even said that whenever it's dark, she can hear the voices from the game, telling her that the monsters are coming.

The Gaming Interface

The head of the Gaming Research Unit, Dr. Marck Griffiths, said that many of the participants in the study had the same experiences while gaming. Many of them told Dr. Griffiths that they transfer some of the game's clips into their daily lives.

The literature on GTP goes back from 1993, where a woman had hallucinations because she kept on hearing the music of the game she had been playing in her head. However, there were several outcomes in the research. Results showed that some of the transfers are auditory, some are visual, and some are palpable.

It’s a Mind Game

Everything that the results showed all came down to the activities of the human mind. Dr. Griffiths believes that mental conditioning is one of the leading causes of the transfer. People usually experience the same situation in a much lower dose right after a game. They know that they are in the real world; however, there are still some remains from the game.


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