Top 3 Canadian Online Casinos That Accept Visa Card

blog post - Top 3 Canadian Online Casinos That Accept Visa Card

Visa is famous for being the biggest credit card company in the world. Even banks partner with Visa in their debit and credit cards to have easier cashless transactions. Statistics show that Visa has 70% of all credit card markets, and the US has almost 40% Visa credit cardholders.

The creation of Visa became one of the best things that happened to the history of banking. The cashless transactions brought by Visa to its customers made their lives more comfortable. One misconception about Visa is it provides cards to its customers and sets the limit of their credit cards, which is not valid. Visa partners with bank institutions and these banks create regulations on the customer's usage of the card.

How Your Visa Works

Before getting a Visa card, you must know and choose the bank you want to get your Visa card from. Then, you have to visit the bank branch where you want to open a Visa card. Once in the bank, you will have to fill in an application before the bank gives you a temporary card. However, some banks may not provide you with one. The bank officer will inform you of the time frame on when you’ll get your permanent Visa card.

Once you get your Visa card, you can pay online and make online transactions faster and more secure.

The use of Visa cards in online casinos is one of the most secure and fastest options for customers. Although you need to hand out your bank details, your bank may prompt you for any transaction that you will have. With that, you can track what transactions are legit or not. Below, we will discuss the top three Canadian online casinos that accept Visa as their banking option.

Casino Cruise

EveryMatrix Software Ltd. launched Casino Cruise in 2014 to house more than 1200 games, including slots, table games, and many others.

Although the online casino only has limited options for its banking solutions, Visa credit cards, debit cards, and Visa Electron are some of the priority ones. Some online casinos may charge you every time you make a withdrawal, but Casino Cruise does not have any charges for its cashouts.

Betway Casino

Betway Limited Casinos established Betway Casino in 2005 with a broad category of games, from slots, table games, sports betting, and even bingo.

The online casino offers several selections for its banking methods. Visa and Visa Electron are present for both deposit and withdrawal of the casino. If customers wish to withdraw their winnings through Visa, they need to wait for one to five days before they can encash it.

Eurogrand Casino

Eurogrand Casino is now a new casino under new management. The casino re-launched in 2009, with more than 350 games available to every online player.

One of the most used banking solutions of Eurogrand is Visa. Customers can deposit their payment through Visa and also withdraw their winnings through the bank. However, customers need to wait up to four days before they can cash out their winnings with Visa.

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